What am I eating?


          Some of you may be asking yourself the same question I asked myself, "so if you are going to change into an anti-inflammatory diet, what the hell are you going to eat?" Now this question bothered me a lot because when I first started thinking about transitioning into this new lifestyle change, I thought my selection of foods was going to be very limited. However,  I learned that there are tons of things that I can eat. 

          When doing my research about the effects that diet can have our body, Dr. Sebi was the man person who kept coming up. If you do not know who Dr. Sebi is, he is a pioneer when it comes to using food as medicine. He dedicated his life’s work to demonstrate the power that food has on the body. He was able to cure diseases such as cancer, HIV, diabetes and the list goes on and on. So why doesn’t everyone else know about this? Basically, the government tried to hide his discoveries from the world in order to not have sales decline in the pharmaceutical industry (this is another story for a different day). Nonetheless, because of his revelations I am here today has a witness that food really does change your body.

          Below you will find a list of all the foods that have been proven beneficial for an anti-inflammatory diet. This is everything that I plan to consume on this new journey. Majority of this list comes from the works of Dr. Sebi. If you check out the original list by Dr. Sebi (see link below) you will notice that ours don’t match completely. This is because as time goes on, more research is done, new information is discovered. For example, on his list you see mushrooms but you won’t see it on my list below. This is mainly because I don’t like mushrooms but they have been known to cause inflammation.

          For the items on the my list that don't match Dr. Sebis's, either I haven’t eliminated those foods from my diet yet or I am still doing research to see if they have inflammatory properties. Like I stated earlier, this is not a new diet I am trying but more of a lifestyle change.  So I want to be open and honest on this platform about my transition in to this new regimen. I am still trying to figure all of this out. I take everything day by day and never beat myself up if I eat something that’s “not on the list.” This is why I never like to just give up everything at once because more often than not you fall back into the same habits. Thus, when I am trying something new I like take it slow and progress at my own pace.

          There are certain foods that I am still trying to gain the will power to eliminate and/or maybe find other alternatives. For example, you will see that I l have white and sweet potatoes on my list. White potatoes are part of the nightshade family and contain a substance called solanine. Solanine is toxic in large quantities and is known to cause of inflammation (i.e. joint pain).  Everyone isn’t as sensitive to solanine as others, so eliminating white potatoes may not be necessary for those individuals. However, since I experience joint pain because of my Lupus I am curious to see if I eliminate potatoes will it make me feel better. This will probably be the hardest thing for me to give up because I LOVE french fries and chips are my kryptonite. However, since sweet potatoes are not part of the nightshade family and don’t contain solanine they may be safe for me to consume instead. Therefore, I am still going to continue to do my research to see if sweet potatoes will fit into my new lifestyle change.

          As I continue to eliminate or add foods I will update the list below. So make sure to check back periodically to see my progress. Also, a lot of the foods on this list may seem weird or very uncommon. Don't worry, in the upcoming weeks I will be posting about where I get these ingredients from and how I use them to make delicious recipes!




Dr Sebi website: https://drsebiscellfood.com/nutritional-guide/