My Skincare Routine


In the last few months I have to my skin has been looking bombt! Most people think this may be due to a killer skincare routine but honestly making other changes in my life helped my skin to flourish. Decreasing my stress levels and changing my diet were the major keys to perfecting my skin. However, my skincare products help with my hormonal know that pimple you get right in the middle of your face when mother nature is knocking? Yea, that.

You ever heard of a acne face map? It's this map that tells you what is causing your acne based on its location. I used to think these maps were just lies until I actually took the time to read it. Majority of my acne was located in between my eyes and all around my chin. The acne in between the eyes was supposedly caused by consuming diary. The acne around my chin was due to high stress and hormonal imbalance.  This made since because at the time I had recently stopped taking my birth control because of my Lupus (I'll give y'all the 411 later), life was just getting in the way which stressed me out and I was putting cheese on EVERYTHING!

After I found this out I immediately cut dairy from my diet and I haven't got a pimple in that area yet! I started working out more and trying to manage my time to decrease my stress. Even though I did all these things, I still had pimples that lingered. So I knew this is when my skincare routine came into play.

After watching many youtube videos, I decided to try out The before and after pictures I seen of people's skin amazed me. I ordered the products off amazon (see links below) and they did wonders for my skin. I started off with the face wash, benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer. After I used these products for about three months, I added the glycolic acid into my regimen (my favorite skin care product). If you are not really into vegan/plant-based products I would highly suggest to try product out! Check our there website too because they go into detail on how to properly wash your face even if you aren't using there products. did wonders for my skin. In about about 8 months my skin went for pimples galore to flawless! I loved having clear skin and not needing to wear makeup ever. Yet, I still wasn't satisfied. At this time I was transitioning in to a vegan diet so I thought I should transition everything I use in my life to a healthier option; so I started with my skincare.

So here we behold all the products I use for my skin and why I love them so much:



Derma-E was one of the first vegan lines that I tried and is still my go to products till this day. I came across Acure from a recommendation from a friend and fell in love with their cleansing stick. As you all know, was already a staple in my skincare regimen.


These cleanser are some of the best face washes I have ever used. I have acne prone skin so I am always looking for a cleanser that is gentle, doesn't dry my skin out and helps to combat my acne. Both of these products help me to achieve these results. After I rinse my face I am left with clean, referashed skin.


After my face is cleaned I apply my acne treatments. This step changes based on how my skin is looking at the time. For instance, If I don't have any acne scars than I don't use my scar gel because it's not needed. I tend to use my Derma-E Spot Treatment everyday because I usually either have a small pimple or one trying to make its way to the surface that I am trying to stop. As for my glycolic acid, I just couldn't give it up. I still haven't found a vegan alternative to this product. The glycolic acid helps me when I have big pimples on my face, or even small ones, and tends to get rid of the pimples within a few days. I know this is a strong product so that's why it's so effective which means I do need to find a better alternative. Until then, I will continue to use it because clear skin is hard to achieve so I am not going to stop using it just because its not vegan/plant-based (#okkkurrr).

Also, I typically use at a spot treatment to target specific bumps but if my skin is not looking good sometimes I will mix a pea size amount in with my moisturizer. 


After my acne treatment is dry, its time to moisturize my skin. I am not a big fan of creme I prefer a face oil. Yea I know it's half used but thats because I really use it. This is why I love The Radiant Glow Oil by Derma-E. It gives me a natural glow especially when the sun crosses my face. At night time, if my skin feels really dry I will add the face oil and let it soak in than apply the Derma-E daily moisturizer on top (not pictured because I rarely use it).


If I am heading out for the day, the last step in my routine is applying sunscreen. Sunscreen is probably one of the most important steps because it protect our face from the sun. The sun is known to cause wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and darken scars. I always make sure to never leave the house without sunscreen on. This might seem like a small task but I notice a huge difference in my skin when I am not applying my sunscreen daily.

Thats all folks! All the products I use and how I keep my skin clear is all above. Below you will find a step-by-step discription on my skin care routine. Let me know if you try anything out.




Step-By-Step Skincare Routine


1. Wash hands

2. Splash lukewarm water on my face

3. Apply face cleaner to face and gentle massage with finger tips than rinse with lukewarm water

4. Pat face with paper towel and let it completely dry

5. Wash hands

6. Apply acne treatments and allow is to fully dry

7. Apply face oil or moisturizer and let it set in

8. Drink plenty of water, avoid diary and lower those stress levels